Home for Disabled Babies(Bann Fuengfah)
Department of Social Development and Welfare
Ministry of Social Development and Human Security

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To participate in the Home's activities or to make a contribution.
You can contact us Directly at the above mentioned address.
You also can donate by sending a Postal order,or a cheque playing
into the Savings deposit of"Mentally Handicapped Babies'Home-
At KrungThai Bank Public Commpang Ltd.
Pakkred Branch account No.123-1-18770-0
in this case please forward the copies lf the pay-in slips and the donor's
name and address to the home so that receipts will be sent to the donors


In the old days diasbled babies were brought up in the same home as the
normal babies.Later on, the number of disabled babies in creased and it was
decided that these babies needed more specialist care and attention.
The former Department of Public Welfare separated the disabled babies
from the normal babies by establishing the Home for Disabled Babies on
November 14, 1978. There were 30-50 babies at the start. Step by step,
The facilities and buildings for disabled babies were increaded to support
the ever growing number of children needing the care.
There are more than 500children at present.

To take care of all boys and girls with all types of disabilities from birth to agd of 7years.


Disabled children who are abandoned or brought to the Home by their families
because they are having problems or their parents are incapable to raise their
own children. The children who are referred by police or related agencies
including the prisoner's children are sent here as well.

Type of disabilities......

1.Movenent or physical disabilities
2. Sight disabilities or blind
3. Hearing disabilities or deaf
4.Intellectual or learning diasbilities
5.Mental or behavioral diasbilities
6.Multiple disabilities


1.Providing basic necessities fof life
To provide services to meet basic necessities Babysitterwill take turn to care for -
babies 24 hours a day . Health care and nedical services are arranged by nurse -
throughout the day and night.

2. Physical development and rehabilithation
To rehabilitate and develop children by physical therapist. Special equipments,
orthotic and prosthesis for disabled children are provided under the supervision of doctor.

3. Developmental training and pre-school preparation
To rovide developmental training and promte their learning skills through various
activities. There are special classes in the Home,for children according to their
intellectual abilities.General education outside the Home is made available for
children with potentialities.

4.Social work and psychological service
To provide welfare protection to the children according to social work process.
Social worker organize legal documents for children ained at enabling them to live-
happily in xociety and have security life. Coordinating with related agencies to
place children in adoptive families.Give counseling and guidance to disabled person,
including psychological service by psychologist.

5.Networking with other agencies to enhance the care
Coordinating wiht network organizations in supporting administrative management and
other activities management and other activites such as donation, join the recreation
activities ,voluntary works and sharing knowledge with each other to help these -
children grow up happily wiht quality of life.

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